Ladies diner on Friday



Friday, 18 August 2023 - 7:30/8pm




We'll meet for dinner on Friday at Tibits Bistro. Tibits is a VEGETARIAN restaurant with great choice from the buffet! We have a reservation and you pay your food directely there.



Restaurant Tibits Bistro

Falkenstrasse 12
(hinter der Oper/behind the opera)
8008 Zürich

Click here for a location map.


DIRECTIONS from the tennisvenue Frauental to tibits bistro

Take tram 13 (direction Hardturm), change at
«Paradeplatz» to tram 2 (direction Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen) to the «Oper» or alteratively to tram 8 (direction Klusplatz) or tram 11 (direction Rehalp) to «Stadelhofen». From both stations it's just a short walk to TIBITS Bistro on Falkenstrasse 12.